DIY – Our Exciting New Way of Life!

21 May
There are many many appealing aspects of being free and liberated from the formal workforce. One such aspect is teaching yourself DIY skills. I’ve found that I am absolutely THRILLED with learning various DIY skills as part of the ongoing ... Read more »

Efficient Grocery Shopping

13 Oct
Spending less money than you make is the only way to achieving the antifragile, independent life unless you somehow hit the lotto jackpot and for the record GO4ITUSA thinks that buying lotto tickets as a plan is the height of ... Read more »

Your Car Or Your Freedom

3 Aug
The point of this post isn’t meant to criticize life choices, the intent is to point out the costs and the impact to your long-term financial objectives.  Over time, transportation costs are probably the single most expensive thing we add ... Read more »