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Barber-Kit-For-Men8I am hard pressed to think of any single purchase or investment which has a higher return on the money than a good Wahl home barber kit.  I picked mine up at Costco and paid about $25.  With tip, a cheap boys haircut costs about $15 – $20.  With all the options available in the Wahl kit one can do just about any style you want without too much practice or effort.  Since we have a son in addition to myself the normal 2-week haircut cycle would normally cost us $60 – $80 per month.  As such, in our case the Wahl kit more than payed for itself within the first few weeks of ownership.  I’ve even got to the point where I can cut my own hair in a pinch (a simple military style has its advantages!).  The math here is fairly complelling – a $25 investment that returns about $800 – $1000 per year each and every year for the life of the product.  I can’t find a better value and just wish that there was a way to put more money into it.

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