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Activities Platform

Build a Adventure Activities Booking Platform With Advanced Features

Our e-Commerce and CMS solutions are tailored specifically for travel organizations. Your website can now have the power of an OTA at a fraction of the cost. Go4IT USA creates engaging websites with your brand and design, enabling your team to manage and edit the content easily.

Online marketing and search engine ranking are only two of the benefits of this solution.

A powerful product search engine

Find availability in large or small product sets by using date, number of passengers, type of activity, or any other custom attribute.

Cross-selling and upselling during checkout

During the checkout process and after the payment, customers can be presented with additional products that may be added to the basket or purchased at a later time.

Multi day product packaging

Combine products from multiple suppliers into one package. The special discount can be defined to apply to these products if they are purchased together.

Shopping basket with simple checkout

Using the custom checkout process we have built, customers can complete the online payment securely and without friction. A well-tested booking process ensures high conversion for our customers.