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Utilize your eCommerce website to sell directly to the public. On our dedicated server, Go4IT USA offers a unique, super-fast website with an eCommerce shopping cart system. The investment in an eCommerce website can seem daunting, but it's really important. Before you invest any money, make sure our company and yours are a good match. We have outlined a process to build an eCommerce website, and everything begins with reading through the steps below.


Step 1

Set-Up With Project Scope Meeting

An upfront setup fee is required to begin the process. Upon receipt of the fee, our Inventroy and Design team will schedule a time to gain information with you and your company. This phase includes the discussion of your goals, audience, imagery, products, etc.

Step 2

Visual Designs & Review

Two visual presentations will be created by our designers based on information provided during the project scope meeting, these mockups will then be sent to you. Before we start building your products, our Inventory team will create your account and supply you with the login information. We will schedule a meeting with you after you have looked over the two mock-ups and provided feedback so that our design team can go over any changes or input you may have before we move forward with the build.

Step 3

Inventory Build

By using the information provided by you, our inventory team will create your products as per the package you chose.

Step 4

Webiste Build

The build process is the longest step in the package, along with developing the framework for your website, including all the pages and the structure of your homepage, which was decided during the project scope meeting. In addition to constructing and evaluating the foundation, we will add web content to the site (information about your business, contact information, experiences integrated into various pages, and even basic page headings). Our last step is the design, where we choose colors, typefaces, and spacing to close out the build phase in a creative manner.

Step 5

Overview & Additional Changes

The finishing of the website will result in you receiving a URL (website link), from which you may access the site. Once you've reviewed and approved the design of your website you might have some ideas for changes or have questions about a particular layout or form. During this step, we discuss these changes with you and implement them on your website.

Step 6

Quality Control Testing

Once all the changes are made and everyone is satisfied with the results, a complete quality control test will be performed on the website to check links, spelling, bookings, payments and other factors.

Step 7


The hatching phase of an eCommerce website marks the beginning of its life.

Step 8

Take The Reigns

By becoming familiar with your new platform, you can take control of your inventory and content. Creating an engaging Blog can lead to greater SEO for your site, or you can contact the SEO and Digital Marketing department to help you, we offer some amazing packages that could be highly beneficial to a new website seeking to gain some status.