Go4IT USA | PMS and Channel Management

PMS and Channel Management

Assisting accommodation providers with front-office support!

Bookings on your website are made simple for both mobile and desktop users.

Using a single platform, we organize all your routine tasks and let you manage them from one place, allowing you to focus on being an awesome host.

With our web app, you can make reservations, modify existing ones, and check guests in and out while you're on the go.

Give your guests the convenience of contactless payments.

Features of Go4IT USA' Property Management System (PMS)

Simply select the day you wish to book and tap the calendar. In the calendar view, you can see all the bookings for the entire month. Using this platform, you can easily locate customers and book appointments. Manage your room orders with flexibility. Give each room its own name and configure the number of people in a room. Automate customer communications. Notify guests of the reservation via text or e-mail. Develop seasonally adjustable pricing plans. You can manage your prices freely.

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